On Wednesday SRAX (NASDAQ:SRAX) stock dipped -6.8% and closed at 1.37. The stock opened the session at $1.49 and touched its highest price point at $1.49. Its recent trading capacity is 60497 shares versus to its average trading volume of 123793 shares. The company’s stock’s lowest price point for the session stood at $1.36.SRAX traded as low as $ 1.05 in the past 52 weeks, and shares hit its peak level to $5.85.

SRAX (NASDAQ:SRAX) a digital marketing and consumer data management technology company, has declared a survey of 25,469 Americans which reveals the complex set of political issues that will impact voting decisions in the coming elections.

The survey was conducted via SRAX’s BIGtoken mobile app, which has 16 million registered users. BIGtoken’s innovative approach to data collection provides accurate research and high-quality insights from an engaged global consumer base. The survey was conducted in December 2019, while the U.S. House of Representatives was formulating its Articles of Impeachment. The margin of error is less than +/- 1%.

The election itself is still a toss-up, according to the survey, with 29% of all respondents saying they’d vote for a Democrat, while 25% are planning to vote for a Republican. That leaves a huge group of people as either undecided or leaning toward a third party—meaning that nobody really knows who will win the 2020 election. However, 59% of all respondents believe that President Donald J. Trump should be impeached, and the majority of these respondents are women.

Among women in particular, important topics that will have a moderate to extreme effect on their voting decisions include healthcare costs (76%), universal healthcare (70%), student loans (67%), and immigration (63%). Perhaps surprisingly, 50% of women are ambivalent or don’t care about the gender gap, and only 19% feel that there are too few women in Government.

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