The Bouqs Company Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

The Bouqs Company has announced that the company has appointed Alejando Bethlen as the company’s new Chief Executive officer. The newly appointed company’s CEO has got 2 decades of experience in managing domestic and international companies, including Procter & Gamble and Amazon. In his new responsibilities, Alejando Bethen will collaborate with the company founder John Tabis and Co-Founder Juan Pablo Montufar to spearhead the company’s growth initiatives.

The Founder of the company, John Tabis is the CEO and founder of the company since its start and now, he will serve as the Chairman of the Board, while company’s new CEO will focus on articulating strategies to drive company’s growth and sales.

Sharing his thoughts over the new appointment, the company’s new Chief Executive Officer, Alejandro Bethlen said, “The Bouqs Company has achieved tremendous success over the years and established itself as a leader in the direct-to-consumer floral delivery business,” noted Bethlen. “I am excited to lead this amazing company through this next stage of strategic growth and ready to embrace the challenges and rewards of scaling the business.”

“As we work toward expanding our global footprint, we are committed to continuing to foster a welcoming and inclusive culture for our teams, partners, and network of sustainable farms,” Alejandro Bethlen further added.

Company Founder and Chairman of the Board, John Tabis said, “It’s been such an honor to lead The Bouqs Company over the past seven years,” Tabis said. “As we continue on a growth trajectory driven by strong consumer response to our sustainably-sourced supply chain, proprietary designs, and unparalleled value, it became clear to me that we needed strength in both the operating CEO role and in a Chairman of the Board position.”

“By focusing on the Chairman responsibilities with Alejandro as CEO, we will work together to expand on the great foundation the team has built to date and achieve our mission on a global scale,” John Tabis further added.

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