Sun Genomics Secures $8.65 Series A Funding

Sun genomics has announced that the company has successfully secured the $8.65 Series A Funding. The company has further added that the funding round was led by Nascita Ventures, Human Longevity, SOSV, Pangaea Ventures and Danone Manifesto Ventures.

The company is the first company to market the completely personalized probiotic solutions based on sequential diagnostics.

Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Sun Genomics, Sunny Jain said, “As we continue to understand the connection between the microbes in our gut and immune system dysfunction, consumers are becoming increasingly interested in their own personal microbiome, seeking solutions to gut-related issues.”

“We are building the world’s largest longitudinal dataset to better understand gut health, allowing us to custom design probiotics for the exact needs of each and every customer. Today’s announcement is a clear indicator in the progress we have made and our future potential. We are excited to work with our new partners to reach even more consumers,” Sunny Jain further added in the statement.

General Partner and Founder of Pangaea Ventures, Chris Erickson said, “Sun Genomics is a market leader in microbiome analysis and gut health.”

“We value the impact they make on physical health, immunity, and mental health with many more clinically relevant opportunities to come. We are excited to be an investor and look forward to working with the Sun Genomics team to build a world-class company,” Chris Erickson further added in the statement.

Chief Executive Officer of Danone Manifesto Ventures, Laurent Marcel said, “We see Sun Genomics as a leader in bringing personalized probiotics to consumers, blending scientific knowledge of the microbiome with new ways of providing customized health solutions.”

“Backed by Danone’s strong scientific expertise in gut, immunity and microbiome, we are excited to support Sun Genomics into their next stage of growth,” Laurent Marcel further added in the statement.


Turret Capital Management and Or-Genix Therapeutics Collaborates

Turret Capital Management has announced that the company has collaborated with the Or-Genix Therapeutics under the definitive license agreement. After the collaboration, the company obtained co-development rights for topically-acting, proprietary small molecule therapeutics that are having the efficacy of a broad range of indications.

The company has further added that the all the family of compounds will be developed within the Koi Therapeutics that is focused on the anti-aging and aesthetic marketplace. The first of the product under the agreement would be developed in collaboration with the prescription aesthetic dermatology. The collaboration will further help the company to provide more ease in the development of effective and safe tropical products in the domain of dermatology.

Managing Partner & Founder of Turret Capital, Danial Chai said, “Our firm strives to develop and market the most compelling and innovative technologies to address large market opportunities in healthcare.”

“We believe the Or-Genix technology is one such platform. The family of therapeutic compounds we will be co-developing directly targets an underlying mechanism related to the phenotype of aging skin,” Daniel Chai further added in the statement.

Chief Executive Officer and President of Or-Genix, Yael Schwartz said, “We are excited about working with the leadership at Turret Capital and achieving maximum commercial value by advancing our therapeutics up the pipeline to capture a significant global market share,”

“This partnership brings together a broad spectrum of expertise. Our company is committed to innovation in woman’s health and dermatology to provide safe and effective products for underserved needs and global markets,” Yael Schwartz further added in the statement.

About Turret Capital:

Turret Capital is basically an early stage venture and investment firm that is based in New York. The firm focuses on seeking the disruptive transformations with the global healthcare industry by commercial building projects for different companies and organizations.


X Financial Reports Unaudited Q4 2020 Financial Results

X Financial has reported the unaudited Q4 2020 financial results. According to the details, the net revenues of the company decreased by 31.9% to RMB529.0 million from RMB776.4 Million in the previous period of 2019. The company reports the loss from operation up to RMB130 million, as compared with income of operation of RMB279.1 million of the previous year of 2019.

The net loss attributable to X Financial Shareholders was RMB196.3 Million as compared to the net income of RMB209.0 Million of the previous quarter. The Diluted American Depositary Share and net income per basic share were RMB1.22 and RMB 1.22, respectively as compared with the previous quarter 2019.

The Non-GAAP adjusted net loss per basic share and diluted ADS were RMB1.00 and RMB1, respectively as compared to the previous quarter of 2019.

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Mr. Justin Tang said, “Despite challenges created by the Coronavirus Disease (the “COVID-19”) pandemic adversely impacting our operating environment, we made meaningful progress in expanding institutional funding for all new loan products originated on our platform during the quarter.”

“Institutional funding accounted for 81.7% of the loans facilitated through our platform in the first quarter, representing an increase from 50.2% in the previous quarter. We rapidly built upon this with institutional funding which accounts for 100% of funding for the loans facilitated through our platform now,” Mr. Justin Tang further added.

“Maintaining full compliance with current regulations and adapting to the ever changing macroeconomic environment have been critical to our success so far. We continued to diversify our institutional funding sources and deepen our relationships with financial partners,” Mr. Justin Tang continued.

“We continue to adopt a strategic and disciplined approach to risk management and have implemented stricter criteria when assessing borrowers because we believe it is even more important now for the sustainability of our business,” Mr. Justin Tang concluded.


AT&T To Spend $3 Billion On Black-owned Businesses

AT&T has announced that the company has decided to spend $3 Billion on Black-owned Businesses by the end of this year to fulfill its commitments. The company has further added that it has already completed 90% of the total work required for the process.

The company has added that it has started working with the Chicago Urban League and Chicago Economic Development Corporation back in 1968 to support black-owned businesses.

The company has further added that the majority areas of our supply chain have the Black-owned businesses. It is our aim and goal to help Black-owned businesses in various disciplines and domains, including construction, engineering, technology development and legal professional services.

Executive Vice President – Global Connections & Supply Chain, AT&T, Susan Johnson said, “Our commitment to ensuring that Black-owned businesses and other diverse businesses have the opportunity to work with AT&T is longstanding, sustainable and unwavering. Our commitment to these suppliers will continue beyond 2020; these are not short-term commitments.”

“We will continue to work closely with all suppliers to foster economic growth and innovation within the communities we serve,” Executive Vice President – Global Connections & Supply Chain, AT&T Susan Johnson further added in the statement.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Overland Tandberg, Eric Kelly said, “The COVID-19 pandemic created significant challenges for many businesses and their supply chains.”

“Our ability to provide innovative business continuity solutions to customers in over 90 countries for 40 years put Overland-Tandberg in a unique position to assist AT&T,” Eric Kelly further added in the statement.

“Our shared philosophy and commitment with AT&T enabled us to pivot and ensure the resources were available to meet AT&T’s worldwide requirements. We’re proud that we could help AT&T manage and protect their workforce and customers,” Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Overland Tandberg Eric Kelly concluded.

Uncategorized and Voicify Collaborates To Innovate Voice Assistant Applications has announced that the company has collaborated with the Voicify to innovate the Voice Assistance Applications. Voicify further added that it has created a streamlined process by integrating Google Actions and Google Alexa Skills into its Platform.

The recent collaboration will significantly help both the companies to source voice over in that process. All the voice assistant users are shown to recall the information in a much better and enhanced way rather than using the traditional ones. The company has further added that all the customers of Voicify can easily utilize all the sources of over their conversation-based applications.

CSO of Voicify, Jason Fields said, “What excites us most about our partnership with is making available a wide array of voices and personality to our customers to use via assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant.”

“One of the key benefits brings to the table is the variety of personality through voice that customers can leverage to differentiate the voice experience with a custom voice rather than that of the native assistant. Their service truly helps bring the brand voice to life,” Jason Fields.

Vice President Sales at, Colin Mclliveen said, “The voice assistant space has immense untapped potential for brands, and Voicify makes it easy for companies to create and deploy voice content for these devices.”

“We’re excited to include our diverse range of voice actors in that process, helping other brands find the right voice for their conversation-based apps,” VP Sales at, Colin Mcllveen.

About is the largest marketplace for voice over and audio products and services in the world. The company has got over 1 million subscribers registered to its different services. The company is headquartered in London, Canada and offers its services to over 160 countries across the globe.


Jacobs Collaborates With Aurecon To Deliver Sewage Treatment Planning Services

Jacobs has announced that the company has collaborated with the Aurecon to deliver sewage design and planning services to urban utilities in a 3 year program.

Urban Utilities is basically a distributor and retailer that focuses on delivering water and sewage services to different businesses and households in South East Queensland, Australia. The company manages approximately $3.76 Billion in Assets, which includes 29 numbers of sewage water treatment plants. Furthermore, the company provides sewage services to the population of 1.5 million people of the area.

The company has delivered the project for $51.7 million of upgrades and infrastructure to the Urban Utilities customers. Both Aurecon and Jacobs have formed a joint venture named “AJile to deliver design and planning services to the customers of the area. The project team is located in the corporate office in Brisbane, Australia.

Senior Vice President of Operations pf Jacobs, Patrick Hill said, “Like many of our clients, Urban Utilities is responding to a complex mix of economic, environmental and social pressures.”

“The state of Queensland has experienced sustained population growth above the national average and around 90% of this growth is concentrated in the urban areas of the South East. The global water expertise of our team will support Urban Utilities in effectively planning and delivering affordable, reliable, resilient and sustainable services for future generations as this growth continues,” Patrick Hill further added.

Client Manager of Aurecon, David Thomas said, “Water security, water use efficiency, climate resilience, sustainable sanitation and reduced risk from floods are all central to how we think about the future of water. But it’s more than just about engineering. We’ll focus on the human experience of our customers and the communities we serve, aiming to make a difference and realize the true value of water for Queensland.”


Trevian Asset Management Oy Appoints New Director Of Business Area

Trevian Asset Management Oy has announced that the company has appointed Kim Sars as the Director of the Business Area and member of the management team. Prior to joining the company, Kim Sars served at the Local Tapiola Group for 14 Years. He has also served as the Chief Executive Officer of Alternative Fund. Prior joining the Alternative Fund, he joined the Real Estate Fund Director.

Sharing his thoughts over the new appointment, the company’s new Member of the Management Team and Director of the Business Area, Kim Sars said, “For me, building is part of the development of society, and it needs to be diverse in terms of services. The development of meeting places, especially for young people, is not only important, but also a prerequisite for the development of creativity. There are a lot of one person households today, so small apartments are needed. There is also a need for a denser structure – living close to each other.”

“I don’t prefer sleeping suburbs; they lack village-likeness and community. Residents’ satisfaction is also important for investors. COVID-19 proved again that people want to meet each other whenever possible, and preferably outside their own kitchen. Cities could help meet these needs, for example by providing more relaxed conditions for building smaller homes and easing parking space requirements,” Kim Sars.

“With the new business area, Trevian wants to be involved in developing new residential areas. No way of implementation really limits us; we can build for rent or sale. New values can also be introduced into rental housing, for example green values, e.g. by using geothermal energy. Even if the apartments to build were small, their quality can be high.”

“We are building such a rental housing portfolio for either investors or Trevian as a residential fund. We are most interested in construction projects seeking a partner to provide financing. Our dream and goal would be to implement projects that can be described with `city’ and `green’” Kim concluded.


The Bouqs Company Appoints New Chief Executive Officer

The Bouqs Company has announced that the company has appointed Alejando Bethlen as the company’s new Chief Executive officer. The newly appointed company’s CEO has got 2 decades of experience in managing domestic and international companies, including Procter & Gamble and Amazon. In his new responsibilities, Alejando Bethen will collaborate with the company founder John Tabis and Co-Founder Juan Pablo Montufar to spearhead the company’s growth initiatives.

The Founder of the company, John Tabis is the CEO and founder of the company since its start and now, he will serve as the Chairman of the Board, while company’s new CEO will focus on articulating strategies to drive company’s growth and sales.

Sharing his thoughts over the new appointment, the company’s new Chief Executive Officer, Alejandro Bethlen said, “The Bouqs Company has achieved tremendous success over the years and established itself as a leader in the direct-to-consumer floral delivery business,” noted Bethlen. “I am excited to lead this amazing company through this next stage of strategic growth and ready to embrace the challenges and rewards of scaling the business.”

“As we work toward expanding our global footprint, we are committed to continuing to foster a welcoming and inclusive culture for our teams, partners, and network of sustainable farms,” Alejandro Bethlen further added.

Company Founder and Chairman of the Board, John Tabis said, “It’s been such an honor to lead The Bouqs Company over the past seven years,” Tabis said. “As we continue on a growth trajectory driven by strong consumer response to our sustainably-sourced supply chain, proprietary designs, and unparalleled value, it became clear to me that we needed strength in both the operating CEO role and in a Chairman of the Board position.”

“By focusing on the Chairman responsibilities with Alejandro as CEO, we will work together to expand on the great foundation the team has built to date and achieve our mission on a global scale,” John Tabis further added.


Xinyuan Real Estate Announces Q1 2020 Financial Results

Xinyan Real Estate has announced the first quarter 2020 financial results. According to the details, the company has generated the total revenue of $125.8 million in the Q1 2020 as compared to $468.9 million in the previous quarter. The company has reported the net loss of up to $39.1 million in the Q1 2020 as compared to the $18.2 million in the previous quarter of 2019.

The diluted net loss per ADS attributable to shareholders were recorded $0.73 in the Q1 2020 as compared to $0.33 in the previous quarter of 2019. The company has stated that its financial results were hugely impacted by the ongoing Covid-91 pandemic and the trend is likely to continue in the near future.

The company’s GFA sales in CHINA recorded 90,500 square meters in the Q1 2020 as compared the 211,400 square meters in the quarter of 2019.

Chairman of Xinyuan Real Estate, Yong Zhang said, “First quarter results were heavily affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. Project construction and pre-sales were delayed by the nationwide lock-down, which disrupted our supply chain. Suppliers and engineering firms resumed operations toward the end of March, an early sign of economic recovery as China gradually re-opens for business. We are working closely with all suppliers and partners to restart construction, and anticipate returning to normal business pace early in the third quarter this year.”

“Notably, our Hong Kong-listed property management company performed well. Property management is a recurring revenue business that is not particularly impacted by outside factors such as pandemic, the economy, or other forces. Mr. Zhang added.

“Recently, Xinyuan Property Management was again recognized for its strong execution and leadership position. In May 2020, we were designated as a ‘2020 leading listed company of property management service in business performance’. We are proud to achieve this honor,” Mr. Zhang concluded.


DICK’S Sporting Goods Announced Q1 2020 Financial Results

DICK’s sporting goods has announced the company’s first quarter financial results. According to the details, the company has recorded the strong liquidity position in terms of cash and cash equivalent of approx. $1.5 billion. The company’s consolidated game store sales for Q1 2020 decreased to 29.5% due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

The company’s eCommerce sales increased up to 110% during the Q1 2020 as compared to the previous quarter of 2019. The company has recorded the decrease in the consolidated same store sales up to 4. Percent. The company has re-opened its 80% of stores as of May 30, 2020.

Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of DICK’s Sporting Goods, Edward W. Stack said, “Although the business environment of 2020 remains uncertain, DICK’S Sporting Goods is in a position of strength. We believe coming out of the current crisis, health and fitness will become even more important to the consumer. As the leader in the sporting goods retail sector, our relationships with key brands have never been stronger and we are in a great place to support this demand.”

“Our experienced management team has a history of successfully navigating difficult market cycles and remains fully committed to managing our business with a long-term view. Perhaps most importantly, our balance sheet is strong, and due to the actions taken when the pandemic first hit, we have enhanced liquidity to emerge from this crisis in an even stronger competitive position.”

President of the DICK’s Sporting Goods, Lauren R. Hobart said, “Through March 10th our consolidated same store sales increased 7.9%, a clear indication that our strategies were working. Throughout the store closures we continued to serve our athletes online, and our eCommerce sales, including Curbside Contactless Pickup, were tremendous, increasing 210% since we temporarily closed our stores through the end of the first quarter.”